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Adam Scott

Adam ScottAdam Scott is passionate about all things creative, interactive, visual, artistic, unique and technical. His career is centred around web, mobile and traditional digital design focusing on human computer interaction (HCI), through online web applications, software, device apps and home pages. Customizing and modernizing interface design and end user experience through process has inspired and motivated him throughout his career.

For the past 15 years he has worked as a professional in digital media on website content and on-line applications. He also works hands-on as a developer to implement front-end design, responsive code and functionally with fluidity into projects within a development team environment from the ground up to completion. His portfolio consists of work with many leading brands, top tier agencies, corporations and companies including manufacturers, retailers, advertisers, marketers, banks, finance, government, smaller boutiques, software developers, notable media conglomerates, artist, musicians and pop culture enthusiasts.