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Nerese Richter

NereseNerese Richter is a journalist, social media specialist, and music fanatic born and raised in Toronto. Growing up singing The Rolling Stones in the kitchen, Bob Marley in the car, and performing air guitar solos while emulating Slash as a child, she was hooked to a very eclectic mix of music. Travelling the world, she has seen the impact that music has on every single individual and how, even though we all may not speak the same language, music is the universal tongue. After discovering Kings of Leon while in Australia, piano/vocal mash-ups in Italy, hip-hop karaoke in London, rocking out to Guns ‘n’ Roses in Norway, jammin' to Robert Plant in Tennessee, and getting up close and personal with The Rolling Stones, Nerese knew that focusing on music journalism was what she had to do with her life.

When she isn’t travelling the world or off to the next big festival, you will find Nerese checking out new bands, DJs, and venues around the city and bringing you the latest and hottest show reviews in town. Check out her latest exploits in our Reviews section.