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Vanessa Markov

Vanessa MarkovIf you've ever told Vanessa Markov about your exciting project or event, chances are her response was "Awesome! How can I help?" This is exactly how she got involved with MEDIAZOIC some 7 years ago after learning about the service through a press release. Having been a fan of live music and comedy since kindergarten, Vanessa was naturally surrounded by artists and performers all her life and, by her early 20s, eventually became a serial volunteer lending all of her free time to supporting her peers by writing reviews, booking and promoting shows for unknown and out of town acts, arranging bios and press kits for new acts, and helping established acts build online traffic and sales.

Now a fully formed artist mentor/manager, Vanessa has also initiated, supported, or otherwise been deeply involved in countless other initiatives aimed at improving and evolving Toronto's music community, including coordinating Mediazoic's own project The Hogtown Hang. She handles artist development and communications for MEDIAZOIC.