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Quesada Restaurants

Quesada burritoInterested in Custom Radio? Request a demo.

When Canadian software wizard Steve Gill lived in Denver – home of 667 Mexican restaurants – he discovered a passion for his new favourite food: Burritos. Steve is a pretty accomplished chef too, and when back in Canada he locked himself in the kitchen to create the best burrito EVER made. The result? The Famous Big Ass Burrito, and from there Quesada Restaurants. Radio Quesadatude aims to capture musically that fun, friendly store energy created by a busy staff serving passionate fans the food they love, in over 80 locations across Canada. Quesadatude also means “We Are Always Trying To Do Better". The folks at Quesada live this in everything they do.

Click here to read the station's launch release and be sure to check out Quesada's exciting new Joy Of Song initiative.