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Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Channels Spirits LIVE in Toronto

Theresa Caputo Live in TorontoBelieve the hype. Psychic Medium Theresa Caputo is the real deal. 100% legit. No smoke, no mirrors. No matter what you may have heard, what you thought, what you believe, if you've watched her hit show Long Island Medium on TLC or not, or if you're in disbelief. I assure you, she really does send messages from loved ones who are deceased. The readings are real. I witnessed it full blown, up close and personal. There is nothing fake about the Theresa Caputo medium experience...except her hair and nails.

An engaging and outright hilarious 10 minute intro into what she does and how she recognized her gift, she explained that, “I'm not here to prove anything or defend my gift.” That there's no right or wrong way to grieve. Spirit places her where she needs to be. And that our destiny in life is set, but we choose how we get there. I could go into a few of the readings she provided, but it wouldn't do her gift justice. Just know that these were ordinary people, not paid actors, and they can sleep a little better at night having closure and a stronger spiritual connection to their deceased loved ones.

Theresa Caputo shoesTheresa was then escorted into the sold out, 3000 seater crowd and stayed there the entire night. For two and a half hours she walked up and down isles, through crowds and onto the balcony, wherever spirit took her. All the while cracking jokes about the workout she was getting in her heels on the inclined Sony Centre theatre floor. When a fan suggested she take her shoes off, she immediately chuckled in the face of surrendering, “I'm not taking my shoes off, are you kidding me? That's like when people take their shoes off at a wedding to dance, you just can't do it!”

The heels were Swarovski crystal clad 5inch stilettos, glamorously accompanied by a blue sequined skirt she wore in ode of “The Maple Leafs” (and the crowd went wild.) The hilarious, tanned, toned and teased (her hair) mother of two (husband Larry and son Larry Jr. were in attendance and people were eager to snap photos with them) got to it, working her way through the crowd as spirit guided her. A fan even handed Caputo a can of hairspray as she walked by, which she spritzed her hair with and and yelled as she passed it to her security guard, “Put that on the bus!”

If there was a medium club, Caputo confirms she'd be kicked out, but that's OK. We got an extra 30 minutes out of her due to a drawn out and annoying outburst by an unstable fan in the audience who was yelling nonsense and assaulting security, and everyone else who attempted to remove her from the venue. Ridiculous.

“The one thing that I've learned from spirit through all my years of being a medium is that not only, that there really is more to life than just here in the physical world and they want us to continue to embrace life with happiness and joy. And they say that sometimes we forget about the living, that we're so caught up in our own grief, that we forget about the living.”

Caputo could no doubt be a stand up comedian. I respect her even more than I did, because to watch what she does and how it's channelled is unbelievable. There's no way to describe it. It's even better than watching her TV show. I thank her for taking us all on a spiritual journey. And for stopping in Toronto (one of two Canadian shows on the tour.) “I don't need the Canadian police after me. We had a hard enough time crossing the border.” An inside source tells me that their bus driver had a DUI and alternate arrangements were made (which included a limo and a new bus driver.)

When Caputo delivers the messages from spirit to the person who is meant to receive it, she is nothing but genuine. She even admitted herself, to being freaked out by what spirit knew and how precise the details were (“Who lost two babies at birth, twins, one boy and one girl? I'm looking at you on this section right here.”) Caputo is one of the best public speakers I've ever seen. She's engaging, comical, compassionate, humble and above else, human. And that accent, it really seals the deal.

Theresa Caputo hairWatching her work live was an emotional roller coaster, releasing many personal emotions. I felt for the people who received readings, as I saw them break down on the big screen. At first I went into the Sony Centre wanting Theresa to connect me with my mother who passed away almost ten years ago, but as the show progressed with several microphones and cameras following Caputo, bright lights and heads turning, my anxiety rose. I found the experience draining and exhausting. You could feel the severity of the energy levels in the room. It was intense, and I left with a headache, though inspiring and thought provoking. I left with my mind blown, and my eyes opened. This was unlike any other theatre show, concert, play, musical, movie or any other event I've ever attended. I would strongly suggest checking this show out and experiencing it.

This is a quote I taped from the show. “I don't believe you have to go to a medium to connect with your loved ones. So, please, look for those things that are odd, weird, different or coincidence, I don't care how crazy it is. Whatever it is, embrace from a sign and symbol from your loved ones because there are no such things as coincidences. anything that reminds you of your loved ones, please know that it is them, and don't discount them. I don't want any of you leaving here feeling disappointed. They did an amazing job of validating that there truly is more to life than just here in the physical world.”

The fourth season of Long Island Medium kicks off May 12 on TLC. Caputo is set to return to Toronto in the Fall with her book, “There's More to Life Than This.”