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All Natural Music: 24/7 Digital Radio Platform Launches Today

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All Natural Music and MEDIAZOIC are proud to announce the launch of, a digital radio platform of 24/7 scheduled programming for artists old and new, and hub for those who are used to socializing and sharing good taste, with the aim to inspire and be inspired.

Music programming on the new platform is roughly genre-based, leading to shows with names like “Jukebox Jazzy”, “Throwback Thursdays” and “Funky Fridays”, and every major music genre under the sun is covered. The schedule also includes someAlan Cross and Ben Spivak on All Natural Music special programming, including interviews with music industry veterans (starting with broadcast legend Alan Cross), “famous” artist playlists (Ben Spivak from reggae fusion phenoms MAGIC! contributes the first), and monthly featured artists. The platform even allows the possibility to broadcast live-to-air from events and happenings around town.

The first featured artist is Toronto’s Julian Taylor, one of the city’s best-known and loved indie talents. Taylor’s talent and indie business savvy grabbed the attention of the All Natural Music team, but the clincher was his skill as a curator. Much of the station’s initial music vibe comes from Taylor’s personal music tastes.

Julian Taylor on All Natural Music“We’re very excited about this innovative partnership” says Peter Cullen, All Natural Music’s CEO. “Julian is one of Toronto’s most musical people, and we benefit enormously from his depth of music knowledge. Add in some truly innovative technology and you have lots of interesting possibilities.”

For Taylor, the opportunity with All Natural Music is an excellent way to reinforce his commitment to continually giving back to the local music scene that has helped sustain his career, and bring to light music from that scene's numerous talented artists, many of whom he has shared a stage with.

“Like any musician I love turning people on to great music.” says Taylor “The idea that with this opportunity I now oversee programming of a 24-hour radio station is pretty cool. The icing on the cake is that with this platform, other artists will have a similar opportunity to get their music out there in a way that traditional radio just doesn’t offer.”All Natural Music Revolution

Toronto custom radio firm Mediazoic powers not only the streaming technology behind the site but the site itself, with a view to full mobile compatibility and a seamless listening and navigation experience for users.

All Natural Music mobile“This is a completely unique application of technology, with features on the back end especially that don’t exist anywhere else.” says Mediazoic CEO Greg Nisbet. “In terms of what it can do, it is literally indistinguishable from an AM or FM station, except that the music is better and you’re not being interrupted by ads all the time. Listeners are going to love this.”

Of particular interest to independent artists, the site allows registered users to upload their own music for airplay, leading to an opportunity for both music creators and fans to hear new music mixed expertly with already familiar tunes.

“Indie artist participation is really going to drive the success of this”, says Cullen, “There are a lot of niche music communities out there that have been underserved for far too long. We’re here to change that.”


About Mediazoic: Mediazoic creates custom audio streaming solutions for people & brands. RadioMogul is a unique custom radio solution that allows brands to connect with audiences within a fully-customized music broadcasting space. Clients can create and schedule programs, broadcast live, stream into physical locations, and distribute a graphic “tuner” pointing to their station(s) anywhere that the internet reaches. Mediazoic works as client stations' "back office", providing strategic, accounting, reporting, production, programming and software support.

About All Natural Music: is a digital radio platform of 24/7 scheduled programming for artists old and new, and hub for those who are used to socializing and sharing good taste, with the aim to inspire and be inspired.