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Cucinetta Radio Comes To York University, Powered by Toronto Custom Radio Firm Mediazoic

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Cucinetta Radio Comes To York University, Powered by Toronto Custom Radio Firm Mediazoic

Students and faculty can now take great food AND music away from this popular campus hub.

Mediazoic and Cucinetta Italian Café are pleased to announce the launch of Cucinetta Radio, a mix of music specifically crafted to match the food and vibe of Cucinetta’s flagship location in York Lanes, the student hub at Toronto’s York University. Cucinetta Italian Café prepares fast, healthy, delicious, socially responsible and reasonably priced Italian-inspired specialties, like hand-stretched pizzas and Piadine (flat bread sandwiches) and house-made sauce and dressings.Cucinetta Italian Cafe storefront at York Lanes

Cucinetta Radio also extends Cucinetta’s brand into the digital realm, so that students (and faculty) who fall in love with a particular tune, or a whole playlist, can access the stream of music anytime on their laptops and smartphones. As one of only a handful of licensed establishments on the York campus, the restaurant is a natural gathering place, blending great food and a nice vibe into an experience unique on campus.

“This project has been a lot of fun for us, as it’s hard to find a group of people more into music than a bunch of university students hanging out at one of their favourite eating places.” said Mediazoic founder & CEO Greg Nisbet. “We’re working closely with the staff at Cucinetta to get a music mix that seamlessly combines elements of local music with the latest buzz bands that students are discovering on YouTube and indie radio.”

“Early indications from the students are that we got it right”, to which Nisbet adds with a grin, “And touch wood but we haven’t heard any stories yet of faculty members running screaming out of the restaurant.”

Cucinetta staffThe station features a healthy serving of popular “indie” acts like Bahamas, Arkells, Metric, and Vampire Weekend, with a side of current FM radio staples (Lorde, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Lights), some EDM deep cuts (LCD Soundsystem, Calvin Harris, Crystal Castles, Avicii), and even a dash of local hip hop, both established and underground, from artists like Shad, Classified, Maestro Fresh Wes, Saukrates and MC FUBB.

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for 30 years, so I’ve seen first-hand on multiple occasions the importance of getting the music right.” says Cucinetta’s Gabe Sarracini, co-owner “The fact that we’re in the heart of a university campus takes that to another level again, so we were very particular about finding a high level of music expertise.”

"Working on this project with Mediazoic has given us that and more.” continues Sarracini, "Students will still come for the food, but they’ll stay for the music.”Fresh pizza at Cucinetta

About Mediazoic: Mediazoic creates custom audio streaming solutions for people & brands. RadioMogul is a unique custom radio solution that allows brands to connect with audiences within a fully-customized music broadcasting space. Clients can create and schedule programs, broadcast live, stream into physical locations, and distribute a graphic “tuner” pointing to their station(s) anywhere that the internet reaches. Mediazoic works as client stations' "back office", providing strategic, accounting, reporting, production, programming and software support.

About Cucinetta Italian Café: Cucinetta means "little kitchen" in Italian. Everything done at Cucinetta Italian Café from the name, to the decor, to the hand-stretched pizzas and Piadine and house-made sauce and dressings, harkens back to Cucinetta's humble old world roots. Inspired by Italy, but made in Canada. Fast, healthy, delicious, socially responsible and reasonably priced; Cucinetta Italian Café is your path to an unforgettable dining experience.