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Quesada Burritos & Tacos Supports Music & Artists With New End-to-End Custom Radio Solution

Quesada Burritos & Tacos Supports Music & Artists with New End-to-End Custom Radio Solution

Canada’s fastest-growing Mexican franchise adds to its state-of-the-art restaurant technology
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 17, 2018 (Toronto, ON). Advancing quickly towards the opening of its 100th restaurant in Canada, Quesada Burritos & Tacos has announced an investment in the #RadioMogul communications technology across its nationwide network of restaurants, complementing existing customer-focused tech such as online ordering, mobile applications, and a leading-edge customer rewards program.
Quesada Radio, re-launched today, boasts over 5 business days worth of continuous music without repeating songs. The music library, updated several times a week, is from many genres and is fun, friendly, energetic and free from profanity. MEDIAZOIC’s proprietary Magic Music Machine communicates in real time with a web-based back end, allowing for dynamic insertion of messages, wireless updating, and even live broadcasting. Royalties are paid out as per MEDIAZOIC’s agreements with licensing agencies in Canada (Re:Sound, SOCAN, etc.).
“This was an easy decision for us.” says Steve Gill, Quesada’s CEO “We’ve come to expect fast, reliable support and, especially critical for us, scalability to keep up with the pace at which we’ve been growing. MEDIAZOIC has delivered for us time and again.”
 Quesada Burritos & Tacos - The 100% Canadian Mexican Burrito
Though the music on Quesada Radio is a diverse international mix, there is a concerted effort to put the spotlight as often as possible on up-and-coming Canadian artists. The current #1 artist on Quesada Radio, Edmonton soul artist AV, is a big fan.
“People have messaged me saying they've heard my song playing in one of the Quesada restaurants, and I have to say that's a cool thing to get out of the blue! Some have even messaged me because they’ve Shazam'ed it, saying they’d never heard of me before -- meaning they became a new fan due to this exposure. In the climate of the music biz today artists need more than ever to pursue new avenues of getting their music heard and discovered.”
Quesada’s support of music and the artists who make it reaches beyond the technology, and has for some time. Quesada’s two-year Joy of Song / Les Joies En Chanson campaign introduced Canadian burrito fans, at stores from Victoria BC to St. John’s NFLD, to artists such as AHI, whose song Ol' Sweet Day was streamed over 2 million times on Spotify in 2017, and Havelin, featured recently on CTV’s new series The Launch. They’ve also been staunch supporters of the Hogtown Hang, a recurring one-day hangout for independent musicians in one of Toronto's coolest studios.
The #RadioMogul investment also extends to an innovative marketing partnership with snapd, that has already led to initiatives including snapd media coverage of special Quesada events, digital support of seasonal offers, and ticket-holder promotions at local Quesada restaurants.
The hardware device itself is actually a very powerful micro-computer, with enough processing power even to run other in-store systems (e.g. signage, point-of-sale, security). The music plays from the device's hard drive - it is not streamed from the internet - but a wired or wireless internet connection is used to monitor changes in the Quesada Radio playlist so that new songs can be downloaded in off-hours. The internet connection also allows MEDIAZOIC to install software updates and to remotely monitor any issues. MEDIAZOIC’s software engineers are even working on getting it to take requests from customers in the store.
“We love working with successful, forward-thinking, technology-friendly companies like Quesada.” says Greg Nisbet, CEO of MEDIAZOIC and author of a guide for businesses on using music in a commercial setting. “They support artists, they understand the power of great music to a great brand, and they’re really savvy with technology. We’re thrilled to continue collaborating with them on cool new experiences for their customers.”
For more information, please contact:
Vanessa Markov
#RadioMogul by Mediazoic
About Quesada: Quesada Burritos & Tacos is a homegrown success story and has been steadily doubling in size year-over-year. Its homemade approach and commitment to flavour keep customers coming back for delicious Mexican-inspired burritos, tacos and salads and mouth-watering salsas, guacamole and sauces that are made fresh daily in each restaurant.
About AV: “Holy wow, what a voice!” is the typical response when first hearing indie soul songstress AV (Ann Vriend). In addition to a couple strong albums that have produced multiple singles on high radio rotation both in Canada and internationally, AV is also a powerful live performer: to date, and despite being an independent artist, AV has sold almost 20,000 albums off the stage. She’s coming off a successful Fall 2017 tour of Germany, and is heading out this week for her first-ever tour of Japan. See and hear for yourself at
About #RadioMogul by Mediazoic: MEDIAZOIC is Canada’s artist-friendly music & technology company. We are actively building a growing network of operations that includes Internet radio stations, live events, content development and licensing, and infrastructure for artist publicity and promotion. #RadioMogul is a unique custom radio solution that allows brands to connect with audiences within a fully-customized music broadcasting space. Clients can create and schedule programs, broadcast live, stream into physical locations, and distribute a graphic “tuner” pointing to their station(s) anywhere that the internet reaches.
About snapd: snapd Inc. is your connection to your community. We are an organization that specializes in community-based advertising, public relations, networking and marketing initiatives. Our media vehicles are photographically rich, and free to consumers, showcasing the life, entertainment and overall spirit of each and every community in which we operate. We use a business model that emphasizes customer service and relationship building, technology, marketing savvy and attention to detail to deliver our products across print, web and other visually dynamic media.