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z-teca Gourmet Burritos Takes DJ-level Control With Dynamic Day Parting

z-teca Gourmet Burritos Takes DJ-level Control With Dynamic Day Parting
Growing Burrito Franchise Rolls Out Unique Music Offering
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 9, 2018 (Toronto, ON). Now in its 11th year, z-teca Gourmet Burritos has given its customers the gift of an even better in-store experience, by investing in an all-new feature in the #RadioMogul communications technology and rolling it out across all of their traditional locations in the Golden Horseshoe.
The z-teca folks have always put a lot of thought and effort into their music. z-teca’s BurritoBeatz station strives for a hip, urban sound, with elements of jazz, funk, lounge, blues, house and even Afrobeat. The station’s song universe now represents more than triple the rotation size of an average FM radio station and almost ten times the size of those found in typical in-store radio installations.
“Music is very important to our brand. We have quite a specific idea of the kind of music vibe we want to share with the customers in our restaurants.” says Gabe Sarracini, z-teca’s Head Honcho. “I love that with this solution, we can have so much control while still benefiting from MEDIAZOIC’s amazing music expertise.”
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The new technical innovation, called dynamic day parting, offers much more flexibility and control than the industry standard in-store music solution. It allows z-teca staff to go in through a simple web-based interface and have very precise control over the audio environment in their restaurants, right down to variables like location, time, message insertion, and even the “segue” between songs.
“It’s like being able to take over my buddy’s stereo system at his house party, but remotely, and over a whole bunch of different locations.” enthuses John Nerpiti, z-teca’s 'Go To Guy'. “We even have it running wirelessly in our very popular new location at Bloor & Church. Love the ease of it.”
“This unique system was designed specifically for z-teca according to their expanding requirements.” says Greg Nisbet, CEO of MEDIAZOIC and author of a guide for businesses on using music in a commercial setting. “Our relationship with clients is much more involved than with a typical music service provider We share z-teca’s obsession with capturing 'magical musical moments' as often as possible. For afficionados, there’s nothing quite like chowing down on your favourite burrito with just the right music as a soundtrack.”
Royalties to rightsholders of the music are paid out as per MEDIAZOIC’s agreements with licensing agencies in Canada (Re:Sound, SOCAN, etc.).
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Vanessa Markov
RadioMogul by Mediazoic
About z-teca Gourmet Burritos: Now in its 11th year, z-teca Gourmet Burritos is all about quality ingredients prepared daily in our own kitchens, using simple cooking techniques. No microwaves, no added MSG, no fillers, no shortcuts, and no fast food tricks! Just great ingredients and great food. We hand-craft all our menu items, right in front of our customers, so there’s plenty of options. This simple approach and passion for our business has allowed us to build a strong and successful brand.
About #RadioMogul by Mediazoic: MEDIAZOIC is Canada’s artist-friendly music & technology company. We are actively building a growing network of operations that includes Internet radio stations, live events, content development and licensing, and infrastructure for artist publicity and promotion. Our flagship offering is #RadioMogul, a unique custom radio solution that allows brands to connect with audiences within a fully-customized music broadcasting space. Clients can create and schedule programs, broadcast digitally and/or in physical locations, and distribute a radio “tuner” pointing to their station(s) anywhere that the internet reaches.