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Finding My WayHome

WayHome sunset

Yes, Ontario, we did it – we finally have an epic music festival that rivals the big dogs in the States. WayHome set off the last weekend in July with a bang and Canadians couldn’t be happier. Great music, good vibes, and even better eats made this fest a well-oiled machine.

In partnership with the founders of Bonnaroo, the design of the space, logos and website of WayHome were at par with its big sister. Bringing in acts such as Neil Young, Kendrick Lamar, and The Sheepdogs, the mesh of Canadian culture with international heavy-hitters truly blended in a harmonious way.WayHome night stage

Speaking from experience, there are three key factors to a great music festival that were (thankfully) present at WayHome:

  • Organized Chaos – Let it be known that finding your campsite amongst a sea of blue tents, tarps and brightly coloured markers after a day and night of partying is a feat - to say the least. Having clearly marked camping areas, divisions, and paths makes it that much easier to find your “way home” – even if your friend resembles Uncle Bernie by the end of the night.
  • Clean Washrooms – Yes, you have to use a porta potty for all your disposal needs for three days straight. No flush, no mercy. If you see the cleaners regularly attending these bad boys, consider yourself lucky.  Thankfully, WayHome made this an art.
  • Good Eats – After a day in the sun having some fun, prepping your body for round two is key. Great food with lots of variety is a haven for restricted eaters or vegetarians like myself. From the Food Dudes to The Drake, WayHome knew how to make you feel at home.

 WayHome wristbandAfter the disaster that was EdenFest in ’96, it seems about time for us to support our Canadian festival scene. WayHome truly impressed this music fest junkie, and I’m confident that it will become a staple in your summer plans in the years to come.