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NXNE: The Music

Northcote at Trinity Bellwoods (NXNE 2013)You followed her to the NXNE parties, now follow Nerese Richter around her musical tour of NXNE 2013, which encompasses performances from DiRTY RADIO, Coeur de Pirate, The Weeknd, Gold & Youth, White Lung, Taylor Knox, Northcote, and Paper Lions, with a couple cool DJ sets and a dim sum disco (?!?) thrown in.

NXNE: Intimate and Interactive

Nerese and Vee at Tunestars partyMediazoic host, interviewer, and super-party-trouper Nerese Richter was all over last week's NXNE in Toronto, and in Part 1 of her coverage shares her experiences around NXNE Interactive, though her readers could be forgiven for thinking it was the parties more than the conference itself that captured most of her attention ;-)

Toronto is Awesome: My Relationship with a City, from Pop-Up Parties to Mash-Up Madness

Toronto is awesome. Yes, I am a Torontonian and you may find me biased; but let me just say that with all of the new music, live venues, pop-up parties, and unique people you encounter on a daily (if not hourly) basis: Toronto is awesome. I admittedly have my moments where I find this city to be an annoying boyfriend who nags on me at times and we may have our moments of doubt and frustration with each other, but I always get over it and realize that I love this city with all of my heart.

Presence vs. Performance in the Toronto Live Music Scene

When you’re standing in a crowd waiting for a show to begin, one may become a bit “restless” so to speak. There’s the anticipation of what music awaits you, but also your desire to run to the bar, chat with a group of people across the floor that you know, or kindly keep your friends company as they smoke outside while waiting. This is the opportunity, the moment, for that band or musician to take their audience by the proverbial balls and grab their attention.

Back to the Future…of Music

So, out with the old and in with the new…ish. I want to run over all that was wonderful in 2012, and also where I predict music may be going in this year to come. Forgive me for the length of this write-up, but narrowing down a year of music and a new year of predictions is a task easier said than done. However, I assure you that if you check out all that is listed below, you will thank me.

Toronto Tunes

Being born and raised in Toronto, I have always known we had a great music scene…it’s just the rest of the world that seemed to take so long to realise it. Now, you may think I’m going to preach the usual references (*cough* Drake*cough*) and the artists you already love, but I want to bring you the artists that you WILL love after reading this and listening to their tunes on my radio show below. Unfortunately, our local music often has to go to other places around the world to gain recognition before most Torontonians actually take any notice. However, the times they are a changing.

C’est l’Halloween: Remembering the Dead…Musicians

C’est l’Halloween! It’s that time of year when Thriller is overplayed in every store, women dress up as scantily clad characters, and we remember the dead…So I am remembering some of our favorite dead, but not forgotten, musicians. Obviously there have been many great losses in music, but this also opened the door to some amazing covers of our favourite songs.