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RadioMogul (Custom Radio)

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  • 84% of Canadians agree that playing the right music can be beneficial to a business. (Leger 2015)
  • 87% of Canadians agree that they would prefer to patronize businesses that support musicians by using music legally and ethically (Re:Sound 2015)
  • More than 2/3 of Canadians (68%) agree the atmosphere created by music impacts their decision to return to or recommend a restaurant (2015 SOCAN/Leger)

RadioMogul is a unique custom radio solution that allows businesses to connect with their customers within a fully-customized music and audio broadcasting space. Businesses using RadioMogul can create and schedule programs, broadcast live, stream in-location, and distribute a graphic “tuner” pointing to their radio station anywhere that the internet reaches.

Your RadioMogul internet radio station is a PURE media environment in which all of the essential programming elements are controlled by you. Your business or brand controls your internet radio station's content including music selection, interviews, testimonials, event announcements - in short, all messaging and features. Your customers and brand advocates are an interactive part of your station's content with social reinforcement on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Where required, you select the personalities to be your station's voice image with specific messaging about your brand. Finally, your RadioMogul digital radio tuner's appearance is fully customizable based on your brand requirements. We are very brand aware.

The time is now to have a focused digital media outlet that will give you access to a larger client base, reach across all your existing digital platforms, and complement and extend existing customer engagement with your brand.

Mediazoic also welcomes advertisers and other partners who wish to engage the audiences our clients already reach, and to take advantage of our system’s ability to target, measure and analyze very specific listener demographics.