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Music Licensing

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The MEDIAZOIC music catalogue combines the hits from major artists and labels with all that is uniquely exciting, independent and progressive in today’s music landscape.

RadioMogul station host clients play only music for whose broadcast the host or MEDIAZOIC has obtained permission. Our system’s advanced reporting capability allows us to track all listens and ensure that rightsholders to the music (i.e. performer, songwriter, owner of recording) can be properly compensated. We report to agencies such as Re:Sound, SOCAN, SOPROQ and others, which means that by using the RadioMogul solution, you are supporting Canada's cultural industries. We are constantly adding tracks and labels to our catalogue to enable our clients to access anything available in the digital realm.

Traditional radio, TV and satellite content is regulated by the CRTC, the terms of which are laid out in a complex Conditions of License agreement and frequently monitored. Internet radio, on the other hand, is subject to much less restrictive content regulations, allowing our clients much greater freedom to broadcast in a pure media environment.

SOCAN Licensed to Play 2017