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Technology Partners

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At MEDIAZOIC, we work with some of the best suppliers in the business to round out our state-of-the-art, reliable and easy-to use system. 

We chose industry leader Wowza to handle our streaming content delivery. The Wowza Media Server is a scalable, cross-platform and cloud-based solution that powers more than 120,000 services in over 150 countries across the globe. Wowza can stream media adaptively in pretty much every media format out there, including HTTP to iOS, RTMP to Flash, and RTSP/RTP, Silverlight, IPTV and SHOUTcast / Icecast.

LongTail Video are the creators of the JW Player, the most popular media player on the web, used by a little site called YouTube before the company decided to write their own. LongTail's latest version 6 player incorporates Dual Mode playback, supporting HTML5 & Flash, meaning our streams will work seamlessly across all desktop and mobile platforms. We’ve also integrated JW’s extensive JavaScript API to allow advanced playback controls and other dynamic interactions so audio can be easily selected, skipped, streamed, and shared.

The open-source content management framework Drupal powers millions of websites, from MTV to the White House and is the industry standard for building rich, community-driven online destinations. Its extensible architecture and huge base of contributed add-ons made it a logical choice for the RadioMogul backend, and in the collaborative open-source spirit our technical team have contributed back a number of custom PHP modules that were written during the development phase.

For our measurment and reporting requirements, the decision to employ Google Analytics wasn't a difficult one to make. Out of the box, Google's enterprise-class analytics solution tracks a hugely rich and deep set of visitor interactions; we extended its reporting power through a series of custom event tracking triggers that tell us not only which tracks are most popular on our network, but how many streams were played through to their conclusion. RadioMogul station owners can be provided with a customizable private reporting screen, and all data can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF.