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Featured Unsigned Artists - May 25, 2015

It wasn't until Melanie Peterson moved to Toronto to pursue a career in acting that she picked up the guitar to write her first song, quickly establishing herself as a pop folk artist. Coined "Mary Poppins with a broken heart" by the BBC, the Saskatoon born actress-turned-singer/songwriter is now a regular on the Toronto festival circuit,  releasing her debut EP After the Fall in 2012, followed by a full length release called Unbreakable the next year. Melanie is currently working on her next full length record and has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for its release

Melanie is also one of the many artists that performed live (not once, but twice) at The Hogtown Hang, so we've decided to showcase songs by other HTH participants including Candice Sand, The Ascot Royals, and Daniella Watters. Stay tuned for news on upcoming HTH releases, including Melanie's, by following the hashtag #TheHogtownHang on Twitter and Instagram.